Black hair to Blonde….it CAN be done without bleach!

recently I’ve been feeling such a change in my life. I’m more comfortable in my body and healthier. I’ve finally let go of bad things that have happened in the past year of my life and I feel so much happier. I’m clearing out my old clothes, and brought some pretty new ones, and dying my hair! I’ve gone from black to blonde!! *que dramatic shock*. it hasn’t been that bad actually. for the past few weeks I have been using body scrub (you know the gritty stuff you buy for dead skin) mixed with a little shampoo and used Aussie conditioner (but any cheap brand will do, just use lots of it!!). this turned my hair dark brown. a few days before stripping my hair I started using purple shampoo to combat any red, and deep conditioned my hair for hours. I brought Superdrugs own hair stripping brand (but to me they all do the same) and left it in for about 50 minutes. I followed the instructions when washing it out, but also used my purple shampoo after to get rid of some of the brassy colours and left conditioner in for a few minutes. its now a brownish/blonde/silver colour which is actually really pretty (pictures tomorrow) another deep condition tomorrow before I do the next step…which will be blonde hair dye!! :D